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Photopolymer; the environmentally friendly answer to all your zinc etch needs. Get your products quoted by Euromodel Manufacturing LLC today!


  • Environmentally friendly solutions
  • Applicable to all your zinc etch needs
  • Cost effective prices
  • Faster lead times
  • Cost savings in shipping
  • Same look and feel as zinc etching

We are the only ones in the industry that can master the identical textured antique look zinc etch products resemble.


The photopolymer products Euromodel Manufactuturing LLC offers replaces the highly environmentally damaging zinc etching products like name plates, logo signs, markings, add-ons.


Euromodel Manufacturing LLC can make the exact same products with the exact same look and feel of zinc etching products without using all the damaging chemicals. 

3D and more

Euromodel Manufacturing LLC also offers 3D model solutions to replace any custom resin products. We will be able to create any custom award or seal for you and your customers with the 3D model printers without the chemicals used for resin mold making:

  • Any shape or form
  • No MOQ
  • Fast lead times
  • No mold fee
  • Perfect execution of any creation

Stay tuned for more revolutionary process changes: 


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